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MotoIce FAQ’s


1. What is a MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap?

In a recent clinical study MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wraps were shown to provide hours of relief from pain and swelling without the inconvenience and discomfort of ice or frozen gel packs. Dual action MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wraps combine the benefits of cold and compression therapies while conforming to the affected site so it stays in place while you remain active! MotoIce is suitable for sprains, repetitive motion injuries, pain associated with arthritis, bruises and muscle cramps. Wraps are four inches wide by five feet long and can be cut to fit.

  • Reduces pain and swelling for hours

  • Clinically tested

  • Cools without the discomfort of ice therapy

  • Conforms to injury, stays in place while you remain active

  • Reusable, odorless, and latex free


2. How to apply a MotoIce wrap:

Lightly apply the MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap to the affected area and wrap with a Figure-8 method. Do not pull on the wrap while wrapping, MotoIce wraps are cold compression wraps that have the compression already built in.


3. What if one MotoIce wrap is not long enough to cover the affected area:

If one wrap is not large enough to cover the area with a Figure-8 method, then you should overlap the end of the 1st wrap with a 2nd wrap to assure proper application and continue the Figure-8.


4. Why the MotoIce wraps texture feel the way it does?

The MotoIce wraps have a tack to them; this is normal and allows the products to be applied without the need for tape or clips to hold them in place.


5. Why do the MotoIce products not feel as cold as ice?

Effective cold therapy does not require the temperature to be freezing and by not being as cold as ice allows the users to wear it much longer than ice without fear of tissue damage from cold exposure.


6. Can I cut a wrap to some other size?

Yes, a MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap can be cut with regular household scissors.


7. MotoIce Reuse/Rehydration Directions:

Reroll the wrap up from the outside in so that the far outside layer is now the most inside layer, return the wrap to the package.

  • Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of water.

  • Reseal package.

  • The wrap can be left in a cupboard, on the counter, etc. until it is needed again. It will take 2-3 hours for the wrap to rehydrate before it can be used again.


8. Do I need to refrigerate or freeze the MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap?

Not at all. MotoIce requires no refrigeration whatsoever and is ready to use whenever you need it. That means you can easily store it in your gear bag, gym or yoga bag, your car, or anywhere else, for that matter. Which means whenever you’re ready for relief, MotoIce is ready for you. DO NOT FREEZE.


9. Is there a right side to the wraps?

No, the wraps are as effective no matter which side comes in contact with the skin.

MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap Facts


MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap Overview:

MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wraps provide relief from pain and swelling without the inconvenience and discomfort of ice or frozen gel packs. These reusable wraps require no refrigeration and stay in place so they can be worn while active.



  • Provides instant cooling relief for up to 3 hours.

  • Uses dual action cold and compression therapy to treat aches and pains sustained by active adults and athletes.

  • Enables active recovery; unlike ice, the MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap conforms to the body and does not inhibit movement.



  • Suitable for minor aches, sprains, repetitive motion injuries, arthritis, bruises and muscle cramps.

  • Safe for any body part.


Product Specs:

  • Reusable, 5-10+ uses per wrap.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Proprietary environmentally safe, biodegradable formula contains NO menthol, latex or adhesive.

  • MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wraps can be custom fit for smaller body parts.

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