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The MotoIce Recovery Shirt is primarily for recovery after / in between motos to assist in recovery for the athlete.  Once again, our “Test Riders” Jimmy Albertson, with the Motorcycle Superstore Suzuki Racing Team, along with Trey Canard and other professional and amateur racers have been successfully testing this product for us for many months.  The garment has an effective life expectancy and is manufactured to be worn between 5-10 times or more depending on environment. It is designed to be worn right after the moto to help lower body temperature more rapidly.  It can sit in your gear bag and never goes in the freezer. However, if placed in the fridge or cooler, the garment will get super cold.  If placed in the fridge or cooler it will be frigid at first until the initial shock goes away, then it will "stay cool" for about 20-45 min or more-depending on the environment. The MotoIce Recovery Shirts’ additional benefit is that it can also assist with recovery after an upper body / torso injury by using Cryotherapy and compression therapy, just like our MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wraps.  You can simply use the MotoIce Wrap or Recovery Shirt in place of ice / ice packs and ace bandages, without the mess of dripping ice packs or the inconvenience of having to stay stationary with the ice/ace bandage on.  Our products allow the individual to stay mobile/active all while gaining the benefits of Cryotherapy and compression therapies. 

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